Welcome to the Enclave

The Enclave is located in the Country Club Community of Imperial Lakes in the South Lakeland Area. We are a quite community of single-family homes. Please explore our site with the menu to the left.

The Board would like to let everyone know that the HOA dues for the 2021 year will be increasing by APPROXIMATELY $140.00 for each home. Please read below for important details.

This was based on our proposed budget for 2021 and the need for retention pond renovations and maintenance, retention wall repair, and also taking into account any possible incremental increases in grounds maintenance or general administrative expenses.

More information is in the latest newsletter: 2020 3rd Quarter Newsletter

HOA Meeting

Next Meeting to be held at the Imperial Lakes Country Club @ 7:00 PM October 26th, 2021

Annual HOA Meeting

December 7th 2021 @ 7:00 PM All residents should submit their intent to run for 2022 board so Highlands can confirm.

Update on Approved Paint Colors & Application Process

The has discussed and approved the adoption of an approved paint color scheme for the community to help keep the harmonious look within the community and to keep up the community standards for owners.

If you are considering the re-painting of your home please email Highland Community Management at admin@hcmanagement.org to receive an electronic copy of the approved paint color schemes or go online to www.hcmanagement.org.

All owners looking to paint their home will still need to submit an alteration application, which you can locate also on our website www.hcmanagement.org, however if the owner decides to use one of the approved color schemes, the approved application will be returned within 2 business days.

Should an owner like to paint their home a color that is not within the approved color scheme, they will need to submit an alteration application and supply the paint color brand, names and color samples with a description of where the colors will be applied (body, door, trim). Once a completed application is received, it will be passed to the board of directors and approval will be at the discretion of the board.

With everyone’s help and cooperation, we can keep The Enclave community a pleasant and beautiful community to live in.

HOA Meetings Schedule

Board Meetings:

Tuesday May 18th, 2021

Imperial Lakes Country Club @ 7:00 PM

Annual Meeting:



School is back in session and that means that is more important than ever to drive with extreme care. Please make sure you are driving under the speed limit within the Enclave.

Pay Your Dues Online At:


Highland Community Management accepts online payments