Meeting Minutes From April 19th 2022


April 19, 2022


Florida Landmark Realty

407 N Church Ave.

Mulberry, FL  33860

  1. Call to order – 7:00PM
  2. Verification of Quorum – In attendance: Paul, Don, Eddie, Walt, Danny, Craig
  3. Approval of Prior Minutes – Danny read minutes from Feb 2022 meeting. All approved.
  4. Financials: AR as of 04/15/22:  $18,198.44, Net Income of $97,640.70, Largest payment plan is $1,900, Other 2 are in lender foreclosure $3,100, pre-pay HOA Dues $1,270.14
  • Purpose of Meeting

Old/New Business:

– Legal Update Point West – We are still pending an update on the collection of court cost and attorney’s fees on this matter.

– Pond Remediation – Project started as scheduled, Minor setback due to vandalism of the equipment, Project back on track, Billy has also agreed to remove the dead tree along Imperial Lakes Blvd (Walt will confirm also)

– 3435 IMW update/next steps- All in favor to move forward with litigation on this matter

– Patrol Update – 5 stops, 3 citations and 1 notice to appears

– Fence pressure washing update-bid was accepted for fence cleaning, starting the week of   April 19, 2022.

– Fence at 3483 IMW- appears house since sold, house has shown up on the ARC list for the past 4 months, obtain letters from Sharon to confirm address the letters were sent to.

-We will speak with Sharon in reference to a few lawns that have multiple violation letter, we will have Sharon contact Cortez and confirm grass will get cut.

-The board agreed to investigate cleaning/painting the Enclave sign at the entrance of the neighborhood.

Question from Members? None from the members

In Attendance: Mr. Walker of 3431 IMW, discuss perimeter fence that is causing a wash out in the rear of his residence along the back fence, the board agreed to figure out a solution to the issue within reason.

  • Next Meeting date – June 21th, 7pm, Florida Landmark Realty.
  • Adjournment – 7:53PM