Meeting Minutes From September 21st 2021




September 21, 2021


Imperial Lakes Country Club

6 Country Club Lane

Mulberry, FL  33860

  1. Call to order  – 7pm
  1. Verification of Board Quorum – yes, Present: Walt, Don, Craig, Eddie, Missy
  1. Financials – Cash on Hand $47,379.04, AR $4595.45 represents 7 homes, 2 of which total almost $3000. 1 in Foreclosure, 1 in Probate. No action needed at this time.
  1. Approval of Prior Minutes – check
  • Purpose of Meeting

                        Old Business

-2 lots with fence on the easement – we discussed the legal issues but more important, the desire to work with residents within our community.

                        New Business

-Discuss quote from Terra Solutions – we voted to accept this quote and send to the atty to include in the monetary compensation that is due to Enclave. Estimate is #35,000. Before any work begins, we can choose Terra, or another company, a new estimate would be sought along with an approved contract.

-Judgement from Point West – We now have a judgment in Enclave’s favor and the atty needed a figure to submit to the court to seek compensation, We accepted the above quote to submit to the atty to send to the court.

-open bids for 2022, ponds, lawn care, insurance and Mgmt company – Highlands will keep a list of every company from whom they seek a bid so we can look at the list contacted along with the bids received.

-Police activity report. We mourn the loss of our law enforcement board member, Gary Gobernik. Walt had reached out to the point of contact at the Polk County Sheriff. Walt has shared the concerns expressed by our residents as to speeding, running stop signs, etc… so we can ensure the officers working in the community know the issues and can continue to keep our community safe.

  • Annual Meeting date – 12/7/21 7pm…Reminder that all residents should submit their intent to run for 2022 board so Highlands can confirm
  • Next meeting 10/26/21 7pm to vote and approve all bids.
  • Adjournment – 745pm