Meeting Minutes From October 6th 2020

Meeting was called to order at 7:06 p.m.

Present: Craig Parrott, Walt Shapley, Don Brown, Susan Chang

Walt reviewed minutes from prior meeting, Approved

Note from prior meeting, Bethany was hired by Highland out of college, not from another mgmt company so we wanted to ensure that this mis-statement was corrected. 



Cash $12,463.15

A/R $5592 in August 2020, down to $5311.20

AR represented by 12 homes = 1.9%

3 in collections, 5 liens with intent to foreclose, 3 pymt plans, 1 just recently violated

Bids: we should be seeing bid coming for the 4 contracted items for review. 

Budget: save line by line for next meeting. Susan will prepare a side by side for 2020 expenses to date vs 2021 budget plan.

Tree trimming was appreciated by Crosscut. We will complete the bottom of the neighborhood along the retaining wall.

Sept. Patrol: 8 hours total, several running stop sign stops and several with faulty equipment. 2 citations. 

Other business: check back retaining wall for new washouts. 

Home 3395 IMW with a sewage clean out open and trash cans are put out for trash day. Home in probate. Craig will check it out and report to Air B&B.

Next meeting Thursday 11/5 @ 7pm at the clubhouse.

Adjourned 7:36pm.