Meeting Minutes From October 5th 2017


Present:  Missy, Hugh, Cherise, Lee, Shannon

Location: Clubhouse

Minutes read and accepted

Financials given

Approved and accepted.

Walker fence called and wooden fence to be replaced

Danielle fence will have to replace what is necessary on the PCV fence

Status que on foreclosures until Jan


Old business

GO Kart issues resolved

Decrease in activity on west end

Grass high.  Cross cutters fixed

Walker fence waiting until mud and rain

Yard Sale all set and ready to go.

Bidding for the next year will be in the month of October

Next Meeting Nov 8th.  Budget will be approved.

Annual Meeting Dec 5th 7 pm at the Club house.


New Business

Recycling Bins:  Cannot use yellow buckets as of Oct 2nd

Cart Delivery will be no later than Nov 1.

863-284-4319 or Email Polk waste.  [email protected]


If not requested they will not deliver.


Issue with Hurricane debris pick up.  As trash goes through they will assess who needs where it is needed.  Polk county is sub-contracting out.


Neighbors not cutting and cleaning up after the hurricane.  If neighbors have that issue please contact them nicely and see if they need help.

Floor Opened for questions:

Approval process for renters:

If you come in and rent from a home owner you should be given the rules for the HOA.  Renters have to abide by the rules for the HOA.  Violations are sent to the owners.  HOA rules are listed on the website.


Spraying of the ponds:

Pond in back of IMW floating debris.  Contact Pond Maintenance.



Back in IMW encroachment of wet lands.  Mound is not being mowed.  Homeowner is mowing currently.  Common area not being mowed


Meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm