Meeting Minutes From May 5th, 2015

HOA Minutes from May 5, 2015



Meeting called to Order 7:04PM

Present: Walt Shapley, Pres.; Ramon Rios, VP; John Marks, Treasurer; Eileen Weber, Dir.; Michelle Chang, Sec.,

Verification of Quorum – Yes

Minutes from the March 3, 2015 meeting were read and moved approved Treasurers Report


– AR was $109,117.92

– cash on hand has increased $452.88.

– AR decreased $17,056.71

– Rental companies are ahead on dues

-$10,440 paid to master association

Old business:

-The two (2) culvert washout repair were completed but a 2nd repair may be necessary due to addl washout     –one check for $400 has cleared and the other is pending

-4 signs made for the Community Yard sale – signs will go out a week or 2 before and it has been added to the HOA website–Denise will add to 2-3 publications with dates

-The North perimeter fence is repaired

-The house in foreclosure 2753 OHL-We voted to NOT rent out the home due to cost of repairs vs return on investment. Additionally, the foreclosure STAY has been lifted.

-We will face this issue again on some other homes coming in the future. Review the HOA docs as they allow the HOA to rent to recoup money owed.


New Business

-dues can now be paid online and the link will be added to the HOA website-it will be included on the next flyers and mention at the December meeting.

-the fence has no current issues of major repair except at the cut though that has been created at the end of Enclave by the kids and the police were notified and took a report

-Cortez has bid $495 to pressure wash the fence Imperial Manor Way- waiting on 2nd bid

-game camera needs new memory card and batteries



Next meeting will July 21, 2015 7pm after the last pymt plan dues should be posted at Michelle’s house – 2780 OHL


Adjourned 7: PM


AGENDA for July 21, 2015

  1. Call to Order
  2. Verification of Quorum
  • Review and approval of previous minutes
  1. Treasurer Report
  2. Old Business
  3. New Business
  • Adjournment