Meeting Minutes From June 7th 2018

Enclave at Imperial Lakes

Homeowners Association Inc.,

Quarterly Board Meeting

June 7, 2018

7:00 PM

Imperial Lakes Country Club

6 Country Club Lane

Mulberry, FL 33860



Meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m. A quorum of  the board was present, 4 of the 7 members.


  • Walt opened the meeting.


  • Missy covered the April financials, we currently have a balance of $77,053.98


  • There is $9109.06 in outstanding receivables.


  • We discussed the outstanding dues.


    • There are 11 past due over a year.
    • There are several that have $15 that are due, these are owned by a management company and Denise has been in touch with them.
    • There is 1 that is overdue by 2 years and this has been passed to our attorney to begin the foreclosure process.
    • There are 2 that are being foreclosed by the lender so we will be taking no action but should recover the last year’s dues from the lender at the conclusion of the foreclosure.


  • There was a motion to approve the April financials and they were approved unanimously.


  • Walt provided an update of the fence project.
    • There is 200 lf of fence that still needs to be replaced. We have had difficulty getting bids to complete the project. We had 2 bids to complete the remaining fence project and we voted unanimously to award the contract to Superior Fence and Rail at a cost of $4500. This will complete the final section of fence for our community.



  • Walt will get with Gary on the plants that were dead and removed from the planter area at the entrance of the neighborhood to see when they will be replanted. Additionally he will check on the status of the maintenance of the area behind Enclave Blvd, as it needs cutting.


  • There was a lengthy discussion concerning the new laws (House Bill 841) governing HOA’s.
    • We have until December 31, 2018 to complete everything to be compliant with all of the changes.
    • Our current web site will work however some modifications are required. Rob will make the required changes, including the installation software (Anoble Tech) to make the site secure, cost of no more than $250 annually.
    • Rob will add owners who request access at $85 per hour or $20 per owner; this is the amount that he estimates it will cost.
    • The actual owner based on Polk County tax records can request access to the secured portion of the site.
    • We determined that we would establish web access on an as requested basis verses establishing access for all owners.
    • Rob will work with Denise to develop a form for owners to request access to the secured web site.
    • Denise will develop a form that will be mailed out to all owners requesting there email address, to allow us to start providing them electronic communications in the future.
    • Rob will work with Denise to obtain and get all old information since the community took over the HOA so Rob can get this information on the site.
    • We are required to maintain all information forever.
    • Denise will send out an announcement to all owners to inform them of the new web site and the form requesting owner email information.
    • We are looking into establishing a method for keeping our users and access records current as properties are sold.


  • We voted and approved the expenditure of $250 for the annual security software for the web site. Additionally, we approved the expenditure of up to $20 per owner to establish access to the site.


  • The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.