Meeting Minutes from June 21st 20222

Meeting Minutes From June 21st 2022



Florida Landmark Realty

407 N Church Ave.

Mulberry, FL  33860

  1. Call to order – 7:00PM
  2. Verification of Quorum – In attendance: Craig, Don, Eddie, Walt, Paul, Missy
  3. Approval of Prior Minutes – Missy read minutes from the April 2022 meeting. Unanimously approved.
  4. Financials: Operating Cash of $65,986.08, AR as of 05/31/22:  $12,397.51 represented by 13 homes (4.5% of the 290), These range from $128.99 to $4,453.46. HCM has recently changed their financial record keeping program. We are pending the status report of each home that is currently showing a past due balance.
  • Purpose of Meeting

Old/New Business:

– Legal Update Point West – We are still pending an update on the collection of court cost and attorney’s fees on this matter. HCM will provide a monthly status to the board members.

– 3435 IMW update/next steps- All in favor to move forward with litigation on this matter. HCM will provide a monthly status to the board members.

– Pond Remediation – Project ongoing. We suggest a general newsletter to all residents advising of the status, including the next area of focus. (this can include a back to school date of 8/10/22 and a community yard sale date of 10/15/22)

– Cortez currently handles un-mowed properties. They are charging $88/lawn. Motion: add a $25 admin charge to this cost to offset the additional expenses we incur to send reminders-unanimously approved. Motion: add this upcoming amount to the initial violation letter to encourage the homeowner to correct the violation. – unanimously approved.

– Fence/Washout along Imperial Lakes Blvd. – We had a $9000 bid to remove the poor hedge plants, flatten the area along the fence, use the dirt to repair the washout. As this was NOT an option this year, we were unable to make this repair. We will plan to include this in next year’s budget as the as the washout needs repair and the hedge plants need to be removed due to their poor appearance.

– Violations/Inspection update – Walt and Craig met with Denise and Sharon at HCM to clarify the current inspection and violation process. There seems to be some inconsistency in the handling of the process but in order to clarify further, we intend to review the current violation and attorney letters that are being used and make necessary changes to ensure the residents understand the expectations of the community. Tabled until later.

– Patrol Update – 6 stops, 4 citations and 1 parking ticket

-The Enclave sign at the front has been repainted. Thank you, Walt and Don!  While working on the sign, it came to our attention that some of the plants around the ENCLAVE sign need replacing.   Motion: Vicky Brown will replace the plants and clean up the area. She will use Florida Native/drought resistant plants up to $200. – unanimously approved.

– TECO Easement/Northern end/west of the large conservation area behind IMW – The fence along this area is sagging at the panels and falling in at the posts. The available board members will get photos/measurements so we can address in the next meeting what repair/replacement is needed.

Question from Members?

– 2823 WMD – part of the driveway was cleaned, the other half was not, the fence is falling, a large palm tree behind the house needs to be cleaned up/trimmed. (Let’s bring this to the attention of HCM so they can notify the homeowner.)

  • Next Meeting date – October 11th, 7pm, Florida Landmark Realty.
  • We will ask HCM to open the bids from the vendors on September 1, 2022.
  • Adjournment – 8:12 PM