Meeting Minutes From January 13th, 2015

HOA Minutes from January 13, 2015

Meeting called to Order 7:04PM
Present: Walt Shapley, Pres., John Marks, Treasurer, Hugh Reisdorph, Dir., Lee Reisdorph, Dir,
Michelle Chang, Sec.
Verification of Quorum ñ Yes
Minutes from the December 11, 2014 meeting were read and moved approved by Hugh
Reisdorph, Lee Reisdorph 2nd.
Old business: None pending from the last meeting
Treasurers Report
-Balance as of 12/31/14: $44,833.61 vs last year same time $56,022.
-51 out of 290 homes are PIF compared to 39 homes at the same time in 2014
-1 home has $169 paid which would be indicating pymt plan
-40 of 290 homes with past due accounts. 13.7% reduction from last year
-5 of the 40 range from $4 to $53.50
-9 are between $100 and $200
-13 homes have balance over $1000, the highest is $7183 ñ this represents 62% of the AR
-$4351 is one of the homes pending court proceedings but we will only get one year HOA dues
and the current year going forward (this is 7% of our AR)
R & M increased $891 ñ 25%
Lawn 2013 to 2014 $5340 increase
Pond Maintenance decreased $500
Fence $4308 total and we spent $5645
Insurance decreased $83
HOA Master capture improved from 2013
Utilities decreased $1000
Bad Debt increased $98
Misc ñ no line in 2013 and $1600 spent in 2014
Legal increased $6000
Total increase $8028
Late fee income – $26,000 assessed
We will need to continue to be aggressive in collecting debt to stay solvent.
Motion to approve by Walt and Susan 2nd.

New Business
-All members should have a copy and review of the HOA documents
-Fences ñ repaired and camera is installed, there has been no more damage but will need
complete replacement in 3 yearsóthere are 2 young males going over the PVC fence in the
north IMW cul de sacóresident who is retired called Walt since the boys were using foul
languageóresident has been advised to contact police dept
-Culvert washoutóLake Dr has checked it out who bid $400 ñ but it has been determined that it
must be repaired by certified contractor, Lake DR is not but the contractor who prepared ramps
is certified. ñ Walt and John checked other areas, we have several culverts that need repair.
We agree to get a bid from the licensed contractor to include an inspection of all culverts.
-Sign ñ Hugh and Lee are handling. We have 2.5 inch that seem to work well. Appears that
someone may be banging on the back of the sign knocking the letters down.
-The light on the main sign is out. Hugh will check it and repair/replace.
-Dues ñ bylaws clearly state that HOA can go straight to lien process with 12% interest once the
account is 30 days past due. The HOA bill states after 1/31, the account will be sent to the
attorney. Moved to eliminate 60 days of the warning process and begin legal proceedings by
Feb 15 and agreed by all. It will apply to all accounts more than $200. This puts the HOA
beginning the foreclosure process by August and keep from passing along debt to the new
board the next year.
-Hugh brought a fence variance request for the board to review. Approved by vote.
Next meeting will March 3, 2015 7pm at Hugh and Leeís house
Adjourned 8:07PM