Meeting Minutes From February 8th 2016

HOA MEETING Feb 8, 2016

Meeting called to order at 7pm

Present:  Walt Shapley Pres, Michelle Chang Tres, Shannon Fenton Sec, Eileen Weber Dir, Hugh Reisdorph Dir, Lee Reisdorph Dir

Verification of Quorum- Yes

Minutes from December 2015 meeting were read and moved approved


Treasurers Report


-As of dec 2015 25 homes with a past due balance ranging from $15-5700. 10 balance over $1000 totals $28,209 (3.4%)

-We had 60 homes paid in full before December which accounts for 20%

-This year as of Jan 31st there are 49 homes going to attorney with balances of $286-$571.

– Accounts receivable are at $79,255.

-Cash on hand is $106,350




-Reflectors at ponds.  Hugh and Lee will take care of that.  Will be putting them on both sides of the pond.

-No soliciting sign:  Decision was made not to do this.  Due to kids selling school club fundraising.  If you want one then put it on the house.  Have Denise put this on the newsletter.

-Parking on the streets.  Not allowed and letters have been sent out.   This seems to have helped with the parking issues.

-Sign is up and want to keep the comments positive.  Thank you to Lee and Hugh for handling it and putting it up.

-Suggestions for Comments on the sign.

-Watch your speed

-Remember no street or sidewalk parking

-Any issues please call Denise


-Community yard sale look at having it in May.  Would like to do October.



-Master association meeting.

-builder wants to build 6 houses on 1.9 acre lot when you come in at the first entrance around the corner across from Canterwood.  He is pushing to have this done.  He owns 3 other properties in Imperial Lakes.

-Section of Oak Hammock Loop.  Owned by us with a TECO easement.  Discussion who owns continued.  The plat needed to be pulled and reviewed.  Walt will handle.  This is due to all of the 4 wheelers and dirt bikes.

-who is responsible in keeping this up.  According to the discussion with the master association, we are liable, but do not have to keep it up.

-homes there do not have fences, so the recommendation of gates will not work.

-Master association has a meeting every month.

-Master association found a document that the tennis court that cannot be rezoned until 2022.  Also states who ever owns it must maintain it as a country club.  Which means not only golf, but tennis courts, pool, and restaurant.  He has been approached to subcontract the tennis court and pool and he declined it.  Walt is checking with a county commissioner, to see if the area around the courts is owned by someone to put up condos.

-Collections on annual assessment.  Payment plan and debit card option.  As of Feb 1, out of 290 homes  64 payment plan option and 49 homes to attorney.  Letters will be sent as of Feb 1.  Down to 13 “old problems”.  Of the 13 ranging $613-4300 liens are in place and foreclosures are starting.  Some houses are on payment plans (6).   Goal by summer is anyone not on a payment plan to have them on or foreclosures done.  If we foreclose, we own the title to the property, they have to be evicted.  The mortgage company owns the home.  If the bank buys back, they only owe us 1 year of HOA fees.

-reminder the HOA information is on the website.

-Solar powered speed signs.  As an HOA to buy two and post.  See how much they are to purchase and see if it is possible.  The City of Lakeland does not have any issues putting speed bumps to slow them down.  This won’t happen in Polk.  Look at these as a reminder.

-Lee is looking into this.


AGENDA for next meeting:

April 11, 2016 at 7pm.  Location: Lee and Hugh’s house.