Meeting Minutes From February 16th 2021

Enclave at Imperial Lakes

Homeowners Association Inc.,

Board Meeting

February 16, 2021

7:00 PM

Imperial Lakes Country Club

6 Country Club Lane

Mulberry, FL 33860

All board members present.

Call to order 7pm

Review of the December minutes. Missy read and they were approved.

Walt asked residents to hold questions to the end.

Walt opened Old Business:

  • Pond G – discussion about the company, solvency, etc. It has been cleared that the company is in business but not responding timely. We are on the schedule for Point West. Our ponds are full of water. Walt discussed with Denise about using the attorney. Walt asked about having the attorney or Denise send a certified letter. We already have their two emails confirming they will complete the work/repairs. There is also a mediation section in their contract that we can pursue. After all gave input, Walt proposed motion to have Denise draft a letter, we all review before it is sent, then send it certified.
  • Lien update:  Mgmt company has advised we can seek a lien but can’t move on it because there are no trials. Same applies to foreclosures.
  • Board went out last weekend and cleared along the back retention wall. Also, they trimmed the palms in front of Blackwater Oaks. There was some brush in the high grass that will need to be moved.

New Business:

AR:  total 

 $  27,158.61

Represented by 90 homes with balances due

8 are for 2021 due only – 1 for $398 owned by business

5 range from $688.18 to $1579.36

63 on 2 pymt option (out of 290)

9 with balance due $9 to $193.50

$86k cash on hand, $31k owed for 2nd, 3rd & 4th quarter (we pay these as we collect)

  • South retention wall behind Enclave Blvd. Walt explained we had 2 wash outs that were repaired last year and we have 2 new wash outs that will need repair but they are still full of water. Do we hire a bobcat or rent one and repair it ourselves. Robert is very helpful. Robert advised he has called around for skid-steer rental. A-Z Rental. We will also seek bids from Dave, Billy (looked at ponds in the fall) and Robert is contacting another contractor, Bobby Faulk.
  • Lot 259 on WM on lien list. We have agreed to stop sending letter from the attorney as we incur charges but will likely not recoup the expenses. Current due $1340.75. Motion carried. Denise will send reminders but no more attorney.
  • Lot 195 on OHL – has requested all documents for Pond G repair as he is claiming the repair caused damage to his sprinklers and cracks to his foundation. Photos are on DropBox. Resident was present and advised that he wanted to clarify the complaints. He has 15 feet from his home to pond and it is all sloped. He has lost dirt from the west side of his home and his foundation is showing on the west side. Two bedroom doors in the home won’t close because the foundation has shifted. He indicated that the yard is now lower than prior to the repair. He moved in the house 2 years ago. The resident is seeking engineering inspection through his insurance company. Walt made a motion to table the discussion until we have the engineering report to discuss the matter further. This will also need to be addressed to Point West. Motion carried.
  • Community Sign: Craig has been changing the messages for quite some time. It is getting weathered. This is our second box. The letters need replacement. $100 for new letters. Mtn to buy new set. Motion carried.
  • Patrol report: 2 traffic stops, 1 citation issued.
  • Back South fence at the end of Enclave, Gary is seeing foot traffic coming through that may increase crime in the area. The last section of the fence is snapped at the ground and we picked it up when we cleared the trees last weekend. Walt and Gary will go look at it.

Open the floor – Resident asked about home with dogs barking incessantly. They were advised to call animal control or non-emergency as this is not under the HOA control.

Next meeting: March 16, Tuesday 7PM.

Meeting adjourned 8:10pm.