Enclave at imperial lakes

Homeowners Association, Inc.

Annual Meeting

December 7, 2021

Imperial Lake Country Club

6 Country Club Lane

Mulberry, FL  33860

Meeting was called to order at 7:00pm and a quorum of members was not present, however 5 Board members were present. Bethany Fritz from Highland Community Management was also in attendance.

  • Craig read the October 26th meeting minutes–Walt made motion to approve, Missy seconded – Minutes approved unanimously
  • Financials and Budget: Missy presented budget and current financials: Current cash balance of $20,390.16, all receivables under collections or payment plans. Walt explained Lake Doctors/Aquagenix change and decision to revert to Lake Doctors for 2022 for pond maintenance. Walt motions to approve budget, Missy seconded – 2022 Budget approved as presented.
  • Patrols are enforcing speeding and safe driving by ticketing, and influence is being noticed. Multiple accidents in 2021 from people not realizing the stop sign at Imperialakes Blvd. and Enclave Blvd. intersection. HOA looking to County to install rumble strips and flashing stop sign to prevent further accidents
    • Owner inquiry on installing a physical barrier or bollards. Missy explained that the HOA would be liable for creating a larger risk than existing if someone gets injured at the barrier. Walt mentions this was investigated before, but the risk and liability would be too high for the HOA to move forward.
  • Erosion repairs – Terra Solutions has completed one section of east Enclave Blvd pond, to be sending second quote for the next section. Part of 5 year plan to repair erosions throughout community. After second section is completed, the Imperial Manor Way canal and Oak Hammock Loop are next to be repaired.
    • Owner question to use old sod from two homes replacing their grass to lower HOA cost with vendor – 2756ohl and 3254imw. Vendor to be contacted to see if they would use this sod, and owners to be contacted to save material for HOA use.
  • Election of the 2022 board. Bethany explained that 7 Intent to Runs were received, and those who submitted are automatically on the Board. Two new volunteers introduced themselves and joined the Board.
  • There was a discussion about violations and a reminder to residents to take pictures/videos and report issues to the mgmt company via email. Most pertinent concerns were dog and party noises at all times of the day and night (reminder to contact County for immediate enforcement). Concern of renter vs. owner enforcement: Bethany explained that anytime the issue is at a home with the owner having a different mailing address, the letter is sent to both  owner and residents’ addresses. Also recapped the HOA’s violation 2 letter system before moving forward with the $250 attorney letter.
  • Meeting adjourned 7:38pm.

A Brief Organizational meeting was called to order to elect officers for 2022 and they are as follows:

Craig Parrot, President         

Paul Chalue, Vice President        

Susan Chang, Treasurer 

Cornanta “Danny” Williams, Secretary        

Don Brown, Director     

Walter Shappley, Director       

Eddie Tortorici, Director

Overview of Board procedures for the new members.

Discussion of pond works and 5-year plan to repair erosions.

The next board meeting will be scheduled for February 22, 2022 at 7pm at the Country Club.

Board Meeting Adjourned at 7:56pm