Meeting Minutes From December 7th, 2020

Enclave at imperial lakes

Homeowners Association, Inc.

Annual Meeting

December 7, 2020

Imperial Lake Country Club

6 Country Club Lane

Mulberry, FLĀ  33860

Meeting was called to order at 7:02pm and a quorum of members was not present, however all Board members were present. Bethany Fritz from Highland Community Management was also in attendance.

  • Craig made a Motion to waive reading of the November meeting minutes – all agreed
  • Financials: Missy presented the AR of $4348.14, the first time ever below $4500
  • Patrolman update: Gary outlined parking should be facing the direction of traffic or the vehicle can be cited. Neighborhood 4-wheelers on the street and patrol will be citing people for this. Gary provided that during the last patrol there were 3 stops and 2 tickets. The officer also had contact with a person who appeared to be cruising the neighborhood looking for access to vehicles. The officer stopped the person and he was on probation for car theft. His PO was notified. 
  • A resident asked about the car tracks on the entrance grass. Gary advised that there was a report but there is no current proof of the culprit but this is still under investigation.
    • Question: Does the Enclave bear the cost to repair?    Answer: yes but with time it will likely repair itself.
  • Pond G shoreline is getting worse. Bethany advised that we have been told they will get to us. 
  • Resident mentioned the area behind the northeast side of Enclave Blvd. Walt and Gary explained that we have walked all of the ponds to determine which will be first, second, etc.. The resident noticed that the branches were cut back, Gary advised that the current board members have volunteered their time to handle that over the last several months. 
  • Resident mentioned that she felt the retention ponds should be kept clean and appealing because it is the first thing that seen by people entering the community. She noticed that there was only fresh mulch on 1/2 of the front entrance. Walt and Gary explained that the mulch was placed when the damaged bush was replaced after the last person drove through the landscaping, so there is some fresh mulch for the repair. She mentioned that the decorative lights were only 1/2 done. Walt explained that they were working last night but appears a fuse was popped and they will check it tomorrow. She also asked about getting updated financials. Bethany explained that any resident could call the office anytime for an updated report. 
  • Resident asked about why a company contacted the office to bid for the lawn care and never got a response. Another resident said he was told the same by a company that he sent to the property mgmt company. Bethany advised that she will check her emails for S&S and Florida Lawn “something”  Walt also addressed that we typically open bidding in October but it was agreed we can accept bids anytime and Bethany can continue to hold bids for the board to review in the October when we begin choosing the next year’s contracts. 
    • There was a discussion about how the property mgmt company puts a call out for bids. There was a suggestion to seek the bids in a different format, perhaps even through social media next year. 
  • There was a discussion about Cross Cut driving the riding mowers around Pond G and the pond needs repair ASAP because this is a hazard to children who play around the pond. Resident to email pictures in order to document and address with the landscapers.
  • There was a discussion about street parking and a reminder to residents to take pictures and report this to the mgmt company with email. 
  • Election of the 2021 board. Bethany introduced the resident who had submitted his intent to run. Another resident also joined.   
  • Meeting adjourned 7:45pm.

A Brief Organizational meeting was called to order at 7:50pm to elect officers for 2021 and they are as follows:

Walter Shappley, President

Gary Gobernik, Vice President

Susan Chang, Treasurer

Craig Parrot, Secretary

Don Brown, Director

Robert McMullen, Director

Eddie Tortorici, Director

The next board meeting will be scheduled for February 16, 2021 at 7pm.