Meeting Minutes From August 16th 2018

Enclave at Imperial Lakes

Homeowners Association Inc.,

Quarterly Meeting

August 16, 2018

7:00 PM

Imperial Lakes Country Club

6 Country Club Lane

Mulberry, FL 33860

Meeting was called to order at 7:01 p.m. and a quorum of members was present, 7 of 7 were present.

  • Walt opened the meeting.
  • Brad read the minutes from the last meeting and they were unanimously approved.
  • Michelle covered the December financials; we currently have a balance of $51239.54.
  • There is $5850.65 in outstanding receivables.
  • We discussed the outstanding dues, there are 10 and there has been action taken on all and they are on payment plans and are all paying.
  • There was a motion to approve the financials and they were approved unanimously.

Old Business

  • Walt provided an update of the fence project.
    • There is 300 lf of fence that still needs to be replaced.
    • We have a bid of $6989 from Superior.
    • A decision was made to attempt to get additional bids from Hitt Fence and Best Fence as well as any others and we will readdress the fence issue at the next meeting.
    • Walt stated that we now have insurance on the property so if the fence is damaged in future it should be covered under our insurance policy.
    • We are having the area on both sides of the fence treated with weed killer to prevent the overgrowth from overtaking and causing damage to the fence.
  • Gary informed us that all of the dead plants at the entrance of the subdivision have all been replaced.
  • A brief discussion was had covering the new HOA rules governing the website and access and security of the information maintained there. We explained the estimated  costs associated with getting the website setup to meet the new requirements and establishing access for the owners of property in the community.

New Business

  • Walt discussed the recent inspection report and there was some discussion concerning the need for all members of the community to keep up with their lawn and landscaping. Areas of particular concern are the edging along the sidewalks. In addition to the edging we discussed the responsibility of those residence with sidewalks that get a buildup of dirt and algae, it is the homeowners responsibility to keep these areas clean and free of build up.
  • We again discussed the many violations that continue to occur, particularly parking on the street and parking on grassy areas. It was again passed along that if you see a violation it is your responsibility as a resident to contact Denise and a violation letter will be sent out.
  • Gary suggested that we hire an off duty law enforcement officer to patrol our community for a couple of hours at random times in an effort to reduce the number of speeding vehicles that travel through our community. There was a lengthy discussion concerning the pros and cons and everyone present was given an opportunity to voice their views on this idea. The cost of this would be $30 ph with a minimum of 4 hours. It was determined that we should try this and the board approved a test and the board approved 8 hours that will occur over the next 30 days. Once the initial test has been done we will monitor the activity after the test and determine if we want to look at making this a more regular part of our efforts to reduce speeding and other types of crime in our community.
  • A resident asked if the ponds were being treated, as some of these areas are looking very overrun with algae. Walt has assured everyone that they are but due to the high volume of rain we are getting this year the treatments are not acting with their normal level of effectiveness and by law we are only permitted to apply a limited level of chemical treatments. We are hopeful that soon the rains will diminish and these areas will begin to dry out.
  • There was a question concerning paint color pallet for the exterior of the homes in the community. Walt informed everyone that the color pallet can be found on the website or you may contact Denise and one can be obtained there.
  • A resident asked for clarification concerning decisions made by the board members. The point was that all members of the community get a vote on decisions made for the community. Walt informed the resident that all residents do get an input and it is the board members to vote and make decisions for the community. He also informed everyone present that we have an open board and anyone can apply to be a member of the board and he encouraged everyone present to apply for the board later this year.
  • A resident asked if we could have the meetings on the weekend or possibly later in an attempt to get more residents to attend. Walt indicated that the meetings are scheduled when we are able to get the board members present due to very busy travel schedules it is very difficult to get all members at the meetings. Additionally, Walt indicated that we have attempted different days and times and the turnout is roughly unchanged. The resident asked if we could schedule the annual meeting on a different date as it falls close to Christmas but due to the HOA rules we are required to hold the annual meeting the same day annually.
  • A resident asked that she be informed of the day and time of the master board meeting as she is interested in attending these meetings. Gary will get her contact information and ensure that she would be notified of any upcoming meetings. Gary said that there is presently no meeting scheduled for the master as there are no action items for the board to address.
  • The board has set dates for meeting over the next 3 months to allow time to prepare and approve contracts and budgets for next year.
  • Oct 10that 7 p.m. Contract and budget preparation for 2019.
  • Nov 8that 7 p.m. Approval of contracts and budgets for 2019.
  • Dec 10that 7 p.m. Annual meeting.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.