Meeting Minutes from August 15th 2023




August 15, 2023

6:00 pm

Florida Landmark Realty

407 N Church Ave.

Mulberry, FL 33860

I. Call to order 5:58pm

II. Verification of Quorum Danny Williams, Eddie Tortorici, Walter Shappley, Don Brown, Michelle Chang, Paul Chalue and Craig Parrot

III. Approval of Prior Minutes: All Approved

IV. Purpose of meeting

New/Old Business

· Tillman Fiber Optics: Eddie presented from Tillman Fiber, Tillman Fiber will finance the bill at 100%, 0 cost to the residence for the build of the infrastructure, once agreed the time frame would be 12 months, long side 24 months.

· Financial Review – Preliminary Budget 2024: cash on hand $68,056, AR $1,959.35, 7 homes owe between $22.70-$1,022.54.

· Pond H Washouts: We will redo sod on pond H due to the issues with the sod that was purchased.

· 3256 EB- Dog Issue:PCSO was contacted and photos were submitted to animal control. Citations pending.

· Pool – 3330 IMW: Pool has not been removed as of August 15,2023

· Motion: motion was passed to send attorney letters with violations that are not brought into compliance

· Violations – Follow up Paint for 3301EB, 3499 IMW, 2843WMR: Paint is still needed on the above listed homes.

· Violations – Update for Tarps: All tarp issues have been brought in to compliance. Insurance pending for roof replacement.

Questions from members

V. Next meeting date October 3, 2023

VI. Adjournment 6:53pm