Meeting Minutes From August 10th 2021




August 10, 2021


Imperial Lakes Country Club

6 Country Club Lane

Mulberry, FL  33860

  1. Call to order – 7:01
  1. Verification of Board Quorum – Walt, Craig, Don and Missy, Robert arrived 7:10
  1. Approval of Prior Minutes – approved

Walt advised the county approved the sale/rezoning of the golf course – 200 homes—we will be able to have our meetings here thru the end of 2021

  1. Purpose of Meeting

New Business

– AR Update – Missy provided. AR $5131.78 repped by 5 homes. Cash on hand $74,293.46

– Aquagenix pond report – Walt and Don have been calling to follow up on treatment to kill the grass. It seems like it works when they use the product. (see Aug 9, 2021 email with the most current status)  It appears that the post treatment inspections come in for other communities handled by this company but the agent assigned to Enclave was failing to perform.

The company presented 3 options for catching up the grass treatment, 1 was approx. $6000, 2 was apprx $1500 and the 3rd was to treat for the next 3-4 months under the current contract to reduce vegetation in the ponds. Don advised Zack (the agent) is to text when he is coming to treat and we can meet him to walk pond to pond. Walt will follow up to make sure we know when the agent will be coming which should be 1-2 weeks away.

– Fence on OHL – 2 residents who have existing fences, approved by the HOA originally to install and they have hired an atty who sent a letter. They will not give up their land but understand that we will need to use the access points and will await our reply.  We will seek an extension to this letter and prepare a reply with the asst of an atty.  (maintenance & drainage access)

Old Business

– Traffic Report – they are getting approx 2 stops per visit but we still have some speeders, burn outs, racing. We want to meet with the officer as a board or go to Polk County traffic enforcement and address the problems.

– Pointe West – Legal Update – they have been served but there have not answered. Our atty has sought default and will need a hearing with the court.

– Pond Repair Update – behind the homes on the first curve of Enclave. Stop by and take a look.  Billy will come out to address 1 wash out that has started again so the area can be reinforced.

– Community Items – nothing more to discuss.

On resident turned in violations, we need the mgmt. company to add these violations to the inspection list and monitor the compliance.

  • Next Meeting date – TBD
  • Adjournment – 8:26PM.