Meeting Minutes from April 18th, 2023

Meeting Minutes


April 18, 2023

6:00 pm

Florida Landmark Realty

407 N Church Ave.

Mulberry, FL  33860

  1. Call to order 6:01pm
  1. Verification of Quorum Danny Williams, Walt Shappley, Paul Chalue, Eddie Tortorici and Michelle Chang
  1. Approval of Prior Minutes: Approved
  1. Purpose of meeting

          New/Old Business

  • Frontier Presentation: Daniel Collings Senior OSP Engineer was not in attendance based on the e-mail dated April 18,2013:We were just notified by our upper management that our projects in your area to be placed on a Budget Hold with a tentative resumption of activities schedule for some time in 2024.  As far as I have been told we fully expect to pick up where we left off and will be upgrading our network in your community at some point in the future”.
  • Retention Wall Washouts- The vendor will address after pond repair has been started.
    • Fence Repair/Claim- We will confirm the polices we have in place. We will then discuss becoming self-insured for the fence and sign coverage.
    • Community Yard Sale – Yard sale April 29, 2023. Discussed placing on Facebook and other media and social outlets.
    • Financials-$14,566.71 for AR. 21 homes owe in a range from $22.70-$3,179.60 in payments.   
    • Pond repair- 3 ponds need repair, $24,000 budget. Pond repair to start April 19,2023

Questions from members

  • Next meeting date June 13,2023 6pm
  • Adjournment 6:51pm