Meeting Minutes From April 13th 2021

Enclave at Imperial Lakes Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

April 13, 2021 at 7:00 PM

Imperial Lakes Country Club

6 Country Club Lane

Mulberry, FL 33860

Present: Walt, Don, Craig, Robert, Missy, Gary

Read minutes from the last meeting – approved

Missy presented the financials:

22 homes with Balance due of $8628.91

Cash on hand $87,526.84

Gary provided the police update for March. It resulted in 7 traffic stops, 1 citation issued. Educated homeowners RE: parking violation. No other suspicious activity. 

Walt confirmed Point West has not replied. We have 2 bids from 2 attorneys to pursue the matter.

The first letter will cost us $500, we insist on work in 20 days. Mediation will be the next step. The board provided input. 

We voted to use Luke, the attorney for Highland Homes to move forward. We will ask Denise to set up a virtual meeting with the board and the attorney before we proceed so we are clear on our instructions. 

Walt noted that we need to work on the wash out along the retaining wall.  Robert, Gary and Missy will seek bids from people we know. 

Walt brought up that the Pond G repair had grass seed which began to grow then died when we had a drought. We have to consider that there is no water source. We will ask for bids from vendors to move forward. 

Walt brought up the white exterior fence needs cleaning. It was last done July 2019. Walt asked a man who had his business on NextDoor but there has been no bid submitted. Cortez charged $950 when it was last done. We propose to push this until July before we move forward. 

Walt brought up the clubhouse for meetings going forward. We discussed pros/cons going into the summer. We will try a virtual meeting for practice, 

We discussed the current paint schemes. The list in place has not changed. 

Next meeting May 18th, 7pm at the clubhouse. 

Meeting adjourned 7:56pm