Meeting Minutes From 5th of November

Called to order 7:03pm

Present: all board members

Minutes from prior meeting read by Walt – approved

New Business:  

Discuss all bids

—Pond spraying/maintenance—–

Lake Doctors $6050, Aquagenix $6000, Aquatic Plant $12,600

-we discussed our disappointment with this past year with Lake Doctors, but they acknowledged the error, credited us some funds and will correct the growth at no cost to us. Mtn to have them remove the grass in the front pond at no cost, APPROVED

— Bethany, please call them and have them proceed —-

Aquagenix – Craig walked the ponds with the rep and laid out the expectations, such as the front pond, wiped clean, the NW corner, wiped clean.

Applied Aquatic was twice the amount of the others

–ultimately we treat for eye appeal overall

–Gary mentioned another bid coming tomorrow AM

As of tonight, we decided to vote on one but are open to revisit this tomorrow with the 4th bid. Motion for accept Aquagenix by Craig, all APPROVED.

Resident had a question before she left for work. 

She asked if the reason for the fee increase had to do with the pond maintenance. We explained it did not. 

She received the 2nd letter from the Mgmt for street parking which indicated that the next would come with the $250 fine. (3228 EB)

—–  Lawn Maintenance—-

Cross Cut  $24,240

-We discussed the service provided to date, including the reminder to spray the Teco fence and the bubblers, running mowers on Pond G after the repair. 

-Craig mentioned he Agape Lawns, price is low ($1700/mo) but they do not include fire ant treatment, weed trimming around Pong G.

-Faulk $26,000 did not mention trees, spraying, ant treatment

-Absolute $25,200 but did not include trees

Voted for Cross Cut for Lawn Maintenance in 2021 – APPROVED

Reviewed payments per line item

Move $1000 from Legal & Prof to Contingency

Budget APPROVED at $140,360.00 for 2021

Old Business

-3395 IMW sewage repair and garbage removal completed. 

-Patrol Update-Gary advised the person on the 4-wheeler has been cited now.

Next meeting 12/7/20

Adjourned 8:52 PM