Meeting Mintues From February 22, 2022


February 22, 2022


Florida Landmark Realty

407 N Church Ave.

Mulberry, FL  33860

  1. Call to order – 7:01PM
  2. Verification of Quorum – In attendance: Paul, Don, Missy, Eddie, Walt, Danny, Craig
  3. Approval of Prior Minutes – Danny read minutes from Dec 2021 meeting. All approved.
  4. Financials: AR as of 2/15/22:  27 past due with intent to lien plus 41 who chose the 2-pymt option (due 4/1/22) = total $32,473.16. Missy read. Additional financials for Jan 2022 was not completed as of the meeting.
  5. Purpose of Meeting

Old/New Business:

– Legal Update Point West – Walt spoke to Denise Friday 2/18/22. We have a judgment approved in our favor. We need the attorney to pursue collection of the judgment. Pending reply from the attorney.

– Pond Remediation – We have $39k to work with in 2022. Terra Solutions quote is $48k.  Along EnclaveBlvd , 579 feet. The quote is $82.90 / foot. We can complete all but 100 feet, or the last 2 houses. This is also the shallow end of the drainage so there may not be much needed. Once the board makes a decision, we can also speak to Billy with Terra Solutions and see what he recommends. Tract E.

– Patrol Update – 7 stops, 3 citations, no parking violations. 1 drug possession charge.  Walt spoke to the officer about citing people who run through the stop sign as this was reported by residents. The officer is citing this violation.

– Trash/Recycling Update – For 5 weeks, both trash and recycle will get picked up as trash only. No separation of trash and recycling. This should allow the county vendor to catch up. Starting next week, your cans should be out on 6AM Tuesday. You may put trash in the recycle bin as they will both be picked up as garbage.

Mediation with Pilka set for 3/14/22 at 9AM. Craig, Walt, Danny and Missy to attend.

-Walt, Missy, Don, Paul and Eddie met with Billy with Terra Solutions on February 23,2022. Billy will do the Pond repair for 39k. He will get Denise all the necessary documents. He will also invoice ½ now and order all supplies. Once all supplies are gathered work will begin. Estimated 2 weeks to complete

  • Next Meeting date – April 19th, 7pm, Florida Landmark Realty.
  • Adjournment – 8:10PM