2020 3rd Quarter Newsletter


The Board would like to let everyone know that the HOA dues for the 2021 year will be increasing by APPROXIMATELY $140.00 for each home. Please read below for important details.

This was based on our proposed budget for 2021 and the need for retention pond renovations and maintenance, retention wall repair, and also taking into account any possible incremental increases in grounds maintenance or general administrative expenses.

Some things to remember about this increase:

– The functionality of our retention ponds are critical to the community as a whole and must be maintained per SWFWMD. If not in compliance, the entire HOA could face hefty fines and/or penalties that can be avoided with regular maintenance and timely repairs.

– The back retention wall is part of the pond structure and must be maintained per SWFWMD.

– In spite of past challenges that had to be overcome, there have been no increases in annual dues for 3 years. This is also despite rising grounds maintenance and administrative expenses.

– The intent of the Board is to notify early to help residents budget and prepare accordingly. Please remember that your HOA dues are due on January 1 of every year.

– As this year is still early, we will reassess the increase during the annual budget meeting to account for any unforeseen items. 

If you have questions or concerns on this, please contact Highland Community Management to let your Board know, or otherwise for more information.

REMINDER – Keep all trash and recycles in closed bags on trash day! There has been LOTS of trash and recycle material spilling over and making their way into the ponds. Without hiring another vendor to remove the trash from inside the ponds, there is little that the HOA can do to combat this issue. Please do your part to avoid more community expenses by preventing the trash from blowing away and into the ponds in the first place, which can be done by bagging all trash and recycle items.

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