2019 2nd Quarter Newsletter

The HOA of Enclave at Imperial Lakes would like to thank each of your for choosing to live in our community!  Our goal as the HOA is to make our community a safe and enjoyable community to live in.  We encourage you to attend our HOA meetings and get involved with the community. 

We will have an Emergency HOA Board Meeting August 8th, 2019 and

Our next Quarterly HOA Board meeting will be on October 7th, 2019 and they will both be held at the Imperial Lakes Country Club at 7:00pm  

The Board would like to thank Bradley Parker for his dedicated service as a board member for the Enclave. His resignation has left an opening for a new board member. If you are interested in helping to serve your community for the remainder of Mr. Parker’s term (until December 2019) please contact Myriah Johnson at myriah.johnson@hcmanagement.org for more information.

What to look for:

  • Painting and Stucco – Look to see if your paint is fading or your stucco needs repaired. Also look to see if there is dirt or mold build up that need to be cleaned
  • Fences – Look at both sides of your fence to see if it has dirt or mold build up on it.
  • Roofs – Look at your roof to make sure it is free from dirt and/or mold.
  • Driveways, sidewalks, and walkways – Look to see if these areas have dirt and/or mold build up.
  • Lawns – Mow, trim, edge and weed on a regular basis.  Do not blow grass into the roadway. Also be sure to clear any grass or weeds from the road, driveway or sidewalk.
  • Parking – Park on concrete driveways only.  Parking on the street or grass is not permitted.
  • Boats, trailers and campers are required to be parked in the back yard enclosed by privacy fencing.
  • Exterior Alterations – Please remember that any exterior changes must have an application approved prior to the start of the project.  Items that need approval are:  painting, sheds, fencing, pools, driveway extensions, home additions etc….  you can obtain a copy of the alteration application at www.hcmanagement.org.