2014 3rd Quarter Newsletter

Third Quarter Newsletter

We finally made it to fall! Which we all know does not necessarily mean much lower temps, but does mean lower humidity and less rain. We have had a record breaking rain fall and with it the challenges of trying to keep up with the mowing and edging in super soggy lawns.


As we continue to mow away please be mindful of the damage to your lawn and your neighbors when you drive on the lawn or over the curbing. We have made great strides in eliminating people parking on lawns or across the sidewalks, which of course is unlawful as well as very dangerous to make bikes/walkers go around into the street. Please continue to send pictures and info to our management company of these violations.


We have had some vandalism in the subdivision over the past 2 months; houses egged, property taken out of cars and perimeter fence kicked in. Thanks to some very diligent residence we were able to make six arrests by the Polk County Sheriff office. One person lived in the subdivision and the rest from other neighborhoods. There will be no tolerance for this type of activity and all violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, regardless of age.  We need everyone’s help in stopping it now.  The Polk County Sheriff’s office has increased patrols, but it is up to us to be aware of our surroundings and if you think something is wrong call 911 and they will respond. We all know people that live in subdivisions that have been overrun with crime because nobody wanted to get involved. Not here.


As we approach the end of year, the board comes to two very important tasks:

  1. Submitting a budget for the next calendar year.
  2. Reviewing and awarding all contracts for the subdivision

We take this very seriously and do the best we can to get the best value for the money as well as getting the Enclave HOA fees as low as possible.

Every homeowner has a responsibility to vote on the board members each year. SAVE THE DATE: December 11, 2014 @ 7:00pm. In the past two years we have only averaged about 10% turn out.  We know everybody is busy and it is close to Christmas, but we are required to have this meeting at this time.

We need more people to be on the board. This is the time when those requests are submitted and are voted on.  Please make a plan to be there and get involved in YOUR community.



The board has approved a yard/house decoration contest for the upcoming holiday season.  There will be a 1st place prize of $200.00, 2nd place prize of $100.00, and 3rd place prize of $50.00. The prizes will be given out by December 23rd, just in time for last minute shopping. The results will be listed on the web site.



Thanks again, Your Board