2014 1st Quarter Newsletter

First Quarter Newsletter



It has been a very busy first quarter for your board! We have secured all necessary contracts with vendors for the best possible costs, lowered the annual HOA dues and added a quarterly/ semi- annual payment option. Many of you have taken advantage of these.


There are a number of residents that have failed to pay or contact the management company. This causes the rest to have to cover the cost. We all signed the same contract at closing so it is the same as your mortgage contract. Under Florida law the board is required to collect these dues and if we cannot collect them they are turned over to an attorney firm. You will incur additional fees and if not paid your title will be foreclosed on. There is a limited amount of time for this to happen so if you are in that situation it would be in your best interest to act quickly.Most notably we were finally able to resolve the problem on Oak Hammock Loop, the board along with the local government agencies worked very hard to resolve this problem, our only regret was it took so long!


Rest assured our responsibility is to the residents to keep The Enclave a safe, beautiful and fun community to live in and raise your family. We also want to do as much as we can help maintain and increase property values. With this in mind let’s address a few issues –





There are many people who speed well over the posted 25 mph limit, many of the speeders LIVE in our community! I cannot express how dangerous, disrespectful and inconsiderate this is. Just because you don’t live on that street doesn’t give you the right to put our children at risk. Be advised that this issue has been addressed many times and we have contacted Polk County Sheriff to run radar on our streets. Fines are more than doubled for speeding in a residential area.


Also there are many four wheelers, mini bikes and golf carts driving on the streets and preserve areas, all of which are illegal in Polk County unless they are properly tagged. It is a violation of our HOA and a $100.00 fine will be assessed per occurrence.





We had the entrance sign repainted and the light repaired, the mowing company is working hard to keep the common areas looking good which only leaves our yards. The break is over and we need to keep lawns cut, sidewalks edged, clippings mulched or raked and bushes trimmed. Parking your vehicle on the lawn is always a violation of the HOA and can result in a $100.00 fine per occurrence. All these issues also apply if you are renting in The Enclave. Fun – there are so many friendly families in our community, it is great to see how many of us enjoy getting together, BBQ’s

Garage pool games and the sort. Lets continue making The Enclave a fun place to live.


Other BIG News is we are launching our web site at enclavehoa.org. Please check it out and use the ““CONTACT US” for suggestions on other ways to improve our community.



Thanks again, Your Board